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Word counter - count Characters & Best keyword density checker

An Introduction

Word counter is an amazing online tool used for counting Words, Characters, Sentences, Pages, and Paragraphs in real-time, along with Spellings, Grammar, and Plagiarism checking. It upgrades your level of choosing words and your writing style as well. It prepares you well for public speaking like class presentations, wedding speeches, or anything else. Moreover, it will also estimate your speaking time accurately.

Features of Word Counter

You can start writing directly into the text area or you can also paste your written content from anywhere you want. When you'll start typing, words and character counts will be displayed at the top so, you can increase or decrease the number of characters and words, you can also edit or delete them according to your need. Also, if you commit a mistake while typing any content then it will be underlined instantly. To make your typing easy and fast, it will show your most frequently used keywords at the right. In addition, this will stop you from overusing a specific word or combination of words. Thus, it will help you to use different keywords in your content.

 Word Counter can be used to track the length of any text against the requirement of a common web-like, Twitter allows you to write a text of about 140 characters, Facebook's average length of the text is about 250 characters, if your text is more than 360 characters then, it will start to show you the number of sentences, paragraphs, and pages. Furthermore, it helps you to write long-form content like blog posts, articles, essays, papers, dissertations, and much other content.

Apart from all of the above, it has an amazing feature i.e Auto-Save Feature. It will save changes that you have made in the content while editing, even if you wanna leave the site and want to come back after few moments.

How to customize Text on Word Counter?

In the middle of the homepage, you'll see the text box where you can place your text or content. And on the right of the text box, it will present you variety of fonts. You can choose any of them according to your need. The size tab is also present next to the right side as well. The font size provided by the Word Counter is in the range of 10 to 14. The first two cool tabs are available on the most used word processors. But the third tab is quite unique that helps you to alter the letter case of the text or content. Mostly, the start of every sentence is in the upper case, it is in the default setting, but you can also customize this setting and can change the text to all upper and lower cases. The other available tab allows you to make text into a title or a heading. The last tab but not least, if you wanna erase the entire text and start with the new one then this tab helps you to erase the previous text.

Counters on Word Counter

Right above the tabs, you can see five labeled boxes these are known as counters. The first box will present you with the word count for the text that you've pasted from any other place. The next two boxes will show you the number of characters in the text. One of them will show you with account spaces and the other will not. Next to this, it will count the number of sentences by the presence of an end punctuation i.e Full Stop. Headings and titles will not be count as sentences. If there is no end punctuation in the text then, it will show you a count of one. At last, it has the paragraph count that will show you the number of paragraphs through the presence of breaks in between texts and little contents.

Word Frequency Counter

At the right of the text box, you'll find the word frequency counter that shows you the list of used words, their number of appearances in the text, and the percentage of the text they comprise. So, this will be very helpful for SEO purposes. Thus, it helps you to judge the overuse of any certain keyword in a text and can optimize your text in a better way.

Word Counter Per Page Converter

Another feature of the word counter is that it allows you to get the total number of pages that your text occupies. It depends on the font size, space, and words. So, you can use this feature to find out the exact number of pages.

Flesch Reading Score and Text Readability in Word Counter

These features will saves you a lot of time by giving you an estimate of how much time it would take for an average person to read through the text or content. This helps you in public speakings like class presentations, wedding speeches, and many others.

Grammar Checking with Word Counter

Grammar plays an effective role in writing for a blog or anything else. It is considered the backbone of a text or content. It will be very helpful to you if you often use Google Documents. Whenever you use a wrong word or a spelling it will be underlined instantly and it provides you the correct form or word. So, you can replace or remove the wrong word that you have used there. Thus, it will upgrade your writing skill a lot. It will show all your mistakes that either you have misused an active or passive voice or any punctuation. You'll get the number of mistakes as well. You can choose to use its grammar checking services at no cost.

Plagiarism checking

Plagiarizing somebody else's work is considered the biggest fault on Google. That's why many writers have this fear. But Nowadays plagiarism is not that big issue in the writing world. Because word counter-like tools help you to avoid getting plagiarized on Google at all. It will show you plagiarism instantly, which helps you to make your content 100% unique and 100% yours. You will not get flagged for plagiarism anymore. You can choose to use its plagiarism checking without losing a single penny.

More about Word Counter

Word counter blog helps you to write perfect, plagiarism, and error-free books and texts. It provides you a simple and helpful guide that helps you to use which type of word you should use and where you should use it. In fact, the main function of the word count is to count the words, phrases, sentences, pages, and characters but it also performs some extra functions. So, I hope you've liked it. If I am right then copy your text or start typing right here. And I believe you'll be amazed after watching its services.

Final Thoughts about Word counter

Words are like bread and butter to a writer and each word in the text represents a unique aspect of story and writer as well. So, words are very dear to a writer. Thus, it stills a great achievement to know the number of words behind a lovely content or a text. So, make your all words count with word counter that you have placed in the text for a reason. I think word counter will be very helpful, peaceful and a peace of satisfaction for you.